Oral Care Essentials for Transfer

Our products are formulated with premium ingredients, backed by CPC technology, and designed to promote healthy teeth and gums.

Medicated Toothpastes

  • Features:
    • Our medicated toothpaste range is crafted with therapeutic ingredients, providing targeted solutions for common dental issues.
    • From sensitivity relief to plaque control, each formulation is designed to promote optimal oral health.
    • Trusted by dental professionals, our toothpaste ensures effective cleaning and protection.

Tooth Powders

  • Features:
    • Rediscover the traditional charm of tooth powders, offering a natural alternative to conventional toothpaste.
    • Gently cleanse and polish teeth for a brighter, healthier smile, infused with refreshing flavors to invigorate your senses.

Whitening Gels

  • Features:
    • Illuminate your smile with our whitening gels, carefully formulated to safely and effectively remove surface stains.
    • Brighten enamel and restore the natural brilliance of your teeth, enhancing your confidence with every smile.


  • Features:
    • Refresh your breath and protect your oral health with our range of mouthwashes, powered by nature’s goodness.
    • Alcohol-free formulas ensure a gentle yet effective cleanse, providing lasting freshness and defense against cavities.

Gum Paints

  • Features:
    • Nourish and soothe your gums with our specialized gum paints, formulated to promote gum health and comfort.
    • Alleviate inflammation and bleeding while providing relief from oral irritations, ensuring a healthier, happier smile.